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Is Jesus Christ the foundation and Lord of America? This series will declare history as it really happened.
A Christian Nation Series
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110,000,000 Americans with STDs—But It Didn’t Have to be That Way!

A Matter of Law

Black Plague Leveled by Leviticus—And Here It Is Again!

Capitalism and Imperfections

Christian Nation and Language 

Columbus The Christ-Bearer

Columbus II

Columbus III

The Confusion is Enormous

Confusion of Face

The Coronavirus: You Won't Believe It!

DC Questions the Bible, King James, & Columbus

Death Commandments

Divisions and Devils

Epigenetics and More Sins of the Father

God's Position on Execution

God Said Capital Punishment

Hell and Crime Rates Shock Researchers

Is America A Christian Nation? -- Part One

Is America A Christian Nation? -- Part Two

Is America A Christian Nation? -- Part Three

Is America a Christian Nation (Part Four)?

Jesus and Politics -- Should I Vote?

Marijuana Ravages the Globe While Satan's Destroyers Defend

Nation Building

QandA: Should a Christian Take Up Arms?

Satan's Minions Chip Away (Because That's What Satan's Minions Do)

Split Down the Middle and Choosing Sides

The Four-Day Economic Miracle

The Perfect Penal System

The Roots of Terrorism

The Wages of Sin — Prepare To Be Shocked

The Wages of Sin — Part Two

The Wages of Sin — Part Three

The Wages of Sin — Part Four — Conclusion

US Colleges New Mental Institutions

When God Builds a Nation (Part 1)

When God Builds a Nation (Part 2 - It is the Morality, Stupid)

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Views: 39455