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The Christ of Calvary: Was He?

Without the New Testament or other Christian writings, what would we be able to conclude about Jesus from ancient, non-Christian sources, such as Josephus, the Talmu... More

In the Volume of the Book

All of life is fraught with probability. The auto and life insurance actuaries have established the odds of whether you or I will return home alive from a trip to an... More

Jesus Christ — History Shouts Yes!

One commentator asserted that there is more historic accounting of Jesus Christ than that of George Washington, the first President of the United States. Did the vi... More

Leaves for the Healing of the Nations

In the beginning, God created botanicals to sustain the health of His creation. Until just about 100 years ago, the medicinals of this world were botanicals, includ... More

The Tree of Life

Could this olive tree, whose fame spans all of time, have been the original Tree of Life that sat in the middle of the garden of God? Could today’s olive tree be the... More

Life Series — Part Three — A Blessable Place

Is there such a place as Job’s hedge? Is there a place that Satan recognizes as the hedge of protection--a barrier that he cannot breach? Is there a condition in wh... More

If You Want to be Happy for the Rest of Your Life

The Word of God creates a spiritual structure that houses and nourishes the souls of the redeemed; central to that structure is the house of God. This holy structur... More

Far Better than Placebo Power

The placebo is hope placed in a fraud. The believer’s hope is founded upon the truth that never changes, which is backed by the entire supernatural Kingdom of God. ... More

Herod and Pilate

Those most likely to have benefited from the denial of Christ’s existence were the Jewish leaders in His day. But their denial of Him was not that He existed but in ... More

Bible Rewires Addicts' Brains

How does a person rewire their own brain? There are many paths, but some adolescents agree with “Allen,” who told us, “I need a power greater than myself to enter ... More

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