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Darwin's Fatal Bee Sting

It is common knowledge that a bee sting can be fatal. And it is inconceivable that any amount of embalming and propping up of the corpse can rescue Darwinism and an... More

Keep Seed Alive

God created seed to have life within itself and He created it with specific interactive properties. One of these interactive properties is apparent when a seed is ex... More

The Pig on the Plate

The emergence of superbugs in the US swine population has been described as heralding the end of the antibiotic era with their global expansion presenting an urgent ... More

King James Scholarship

There is nothing more important than our copy of the Word of God. Its credentials must be impeccable, its veracity unassailable. Our eternal lives depend on it, an... More

Noah's Goats

Tracing the DNA lineage of all humans back to an original source has revealed that all humans originally came from a single woman and a single man. DNA testing has ... More


GodSaidManSaid fields visitor questions including the earth after the flood of Noah, men and women in eternity, and the ministry of GodSaidManSaid.... More

Young Keeps Pouring In

Scientific disciplines speculate on the age of the universe, the earth, rocks, fossils, and more, employing various means, offering dates far in excess of 6,000 year... More

Dangerous Devolution at the Door

Research done in genetics shows that evolution is not just improbable from a genetic standpoint, it is impossible. Additionally, not only are we not evolving, real ... More

Madagascar, Floating Islands, and Noah

The uniformitarian idea of rafting horizontally on tectonic plates, once thought to be the explanation for most biogeography, has recently been shown to be mostly wr... More

In The Beginning (Part Two)

Did God leave a record? Was there a water canopy encircling the entire globe in the beginning? Did it cause a greenhouse effect rendering the entire earth tropical—e... More

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