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God is very adamant concerning the eating of blood. Manís record in this matter of blood is not good. Blood has not been properly removed from butchered meats thus ... More

Another Way and the Rapture of the Nerds

Terasemís followers believe that by ritualistically recording your thoughts and feelings in great detail, you can ultimately assemble a digital copy of yourself, ava... More

Which Bible? (Updated) Part II

Jesus Christ would not endorse the work of Westcott and Hort, the NIV, or the rest of their apostate kin. Jesus Christ believes that women should not inhabit the pul... More

Bones and Herbs

Bones are directly affected by sin, stress, anxiety, fear, grief, or conversely, by righteousness, peace, joy, hope and faith. When the bones are affected, not only ... More

Immortality Keeps on Knocking - Part 2 (It Happened on the Inside)

You cannot afford fear and stress. The results are deadly. The Word of God spends considerable time teaching its adherents the supernatural power of shifting fear ... More

911 Years and Immortality Is Back

"We treated these animals that were the equivalent of your grandmother," DePinho says, "and they became like young adults." He says he had expected to be able to sto... More

Capitalism and Imperfection

Many will find this feature shocking, and some even offensive, but this is the nature of truth. The question is: Did God create capitalism? The short answer is yes. ... More

Seeking Another Way

No tolerance! Itís disconcerting to many even in Christianity that Jesus has zero tolerance. Jesus Christ is the truth and there is no other way to life and life mo... More

Is Immortality Knocking?

Could something as fantastic as immortality be any more than a fairy tale? Is there some historic trail or scientific knowledge that establishes or points to such a... More

Radiometric Dating and 6,000 Years — Part One

Atheists and Christians look at the Bible from two directly opposing positions: the atheist from unbelief, and the Christian from the perspective of faith. The Spir... More

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