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Water Douses Big Bang

Thousands of years ago, before the word science entered the human lexicon, God Said! His words have been challenged incessantly by the world’s brightest, but they ha... More

Evolutionists Continue to Flounder, But They Soldier On

The earth is just over 6,000 years old. That is what the Scriptures clearly teach. Evolutionists ridicule such Biblical pronouncements in spite of the fact that th... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXIII, The Nations are Getting Ready)

The U.S. under the leadership of Barack Obama has and is pushing aggressively to strengthen the enemies of Israel. Israel is fully isolated, surrounded by those who... More

God Said Capital Punishment

The uninformed and those who simply contend that capital punishment is valueless (because God commanded it) continue to claim it is not a deterrent, and that’s in th... More

Irrelevant Challenges GodSaidManSaid

A poison pen e-mail came in from a GodSaidManSaid visitor by the name of “Irrelevant.” This visitor challenged many doctrinal positions of this website. In the fol... More

Entropy and Time's Arrow (They Always End Up Here)

We get older but never younger. There is a distinct arrow of time pointing in one direction. Nobody really knows why time marches always forward, as the universe g... More

Dinosaurs and Sea Monsters of the Bible Found

Dinosaurs, those terrible lizards, lived to very old years prior to the global flood—testimonials remain after the flood—and they are the dragons, the fiery flying s... More

When God Builds a Nation (Part 2 - It is the Morality, Stupid)

In the early 1990s in the United States, during the Clinton presidential campaign, a new political slogan arose that drove the Clinton quest for the presidency. It ... More

Science Seeks 4th Dimension and the Children Are Already There

Is the big bang, and all that came from it, a holographic mirage from another dimension? The earth and its universe may not be what man’s science supposes, but God ... More

Geologists Floored by Water Rock

Geologists are finding exactly what the Scriptures declare--a world founded upon the seas and established upon the floods. ... More

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