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The Holy Ghost and Your Belly

God said, thousands of years before science discovered its relevance, that the spirit dwells in the belly, that it leads and guides and instructs and that the bowels... More

Kiss Those Panic Attacks Good-Bye (Part One)

Stress and fear are doors Ė enormous doors Ė through which Satan finds easy access into the lives of mankind. In order to enjoy great and glorious success, these do... More


Premarital sex is Biblically known as fornication, which can also mean any manner of illicit sex. If you have or are now participating in fornication, repent and tu... More

Triceratops and More Soft Tissue Shout YES to Young Earth

Dinosaurs lived contemporaneously with man and this is a staggering problem for evolutionists.... More

A Merry Heart or a Broken Spirit

Do you have a merry heart? Are you resting in the peace that passes understanding? A merry heart is a gift from the Lord Jesus Christ to those who surrender their li... More

Nocebo, Placebo and You

As you should suppose there is an opposite to the placebo effect and it is called the nocebo effect, which is basically the physically negative things that take plac... More

Satan's Champions Inadvertently Certify Holy Writ

Thousands of years before manís science begins to comprehend, the God of all science stakes out the position of unchanging truth in His Word. Carnal man can change ... More

Epigenetics and More Sins of the Father

The sins of one's parents being passed down to the third and fourth generation is somewhat disturbing. The idea of being handcuffed to another's deeds is not new to... More

Words and Neuropeptides

Can it be literally true? Can death and life be in the power of a manís tongue? Can the tongue actually, literally, defile the whole body? The answers are being reve... More

Godís Euphoria

There is a very special euphoria found in childlike faith in the Word of God. This unconditional faith yields a supernatural assurance, producing a spiritual feelin... More

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