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It's Just Fake News

Fake news fills the earth, for Satan is the little-g-o-d of this earth, and he is the father of lies. It is his M.O. It is on display in all of this life, and espe... More

The God of the Academics Can't Get It Done

Wow! Evolution, you make it sound so simple—as in simpleton. The camp of the ungodly have become reprobates, bound up in strong delusion, who refuse to come to the... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXXVI—The Altar of Sacrifice)

End-times prophecy watchers are marveling over a news report out of Jerusalem this week that the Altar of the Lord has been reconstructed by the Temple Institute. T... More

Wine is a Mocker; Strong Drink is Raging

Should a Christian consume alcoholic beverages? Drinking kills neurons, causes cancer, destroys livers, damages the ability to discern between right and wrong, and s... More

Flying Reptiles -- From Dino to the Hummingbird

Dinosaurs did not evolve into hummingbirds no matter how boldly some state it. Flying reptiles have been with us since the beginning. Evolutionists have not found ... More

When Facts Replace Theory: The Neanderthal Next Door

Evolutionary imagination conjured up the ape-like, hairy, club-wielding, mentally underdeveloped savage because it fit their expectations of a missing link between a... More

Dino Eggs and Noah

Was there a Noah’s Ark? Did God destroy the entire earth with a flood? The empirical scientific data keeps pouring in and the theories of evolution continue to cru... More

Outside Source and the Quantum

Physicists discuss the theoretical and evolving science behind the concepts of black holes, wormholes, quantum physics, and a parallel universe or universes. These ... More

Evolution Challenged by Unchangeable Truth

Even though the vast majority of America believes in God and the Bible, Satan is making inroads from all directions.... More

Carbon-14 and Genesis 1: "In the Beginning"

If you had no axe to grind—no preconceived turf to defend—what would you conclude from the plain reading of the evidence? There is no reason for the student of the ... More

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