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The Matrix: They Always End Up Here

Is this the real universe? Are we being manipulated or affected by outside sources and do the outside sources interact with us? Can beings from another universe do ... More

Time, Chance, and God Odds

The hero of Darwin is time and chance, but unfortunately for the “evillutionists,” there is not enough time and not enough chance. There is one chance in five billi... More

The Beast of Obesity and God's Solution

America is experiencing a plague of Biblical proportion and the name of this dread malady is obesity. The plague of obesity is a result of a series of disobedient a... More

Dumb and Dumber and 6,000 Years

One of the most ridiculed and maligned teachings of the Bible is the concept of a 6,000-year-old earth. Among confessing Christians, doubt abounds here, but why?... More

God's Scientists Lead the Way

The suggestion by the ungodly is that the world’s great minds reject the Bible and its Christ when the exact opposite is true. Vast numbers of the world’s greatest ... More

Music Power

The power of music is created by God and all of creation responds to it. Put music therapy to work in your vehicle and home. Bless yourself and your home by playing ... More

Howard Questions Faith — Proof and Purpose

The proof of one’s acceptance into the family of God, through faith in Christ Jesus, is not a certificate of baptism or the right hand of fellowship from any particu... More

Science Flummoxed by What Was Found in Female Brains

They’re flummoxed. How could it be? God is a spirit and invisible to man, and this God created all that we see out of that which is invisible. When science digs i... More

Science and Six Days

It is important to note that a virtual multitude of credentialed scientists believe in the Genesis account of a young earth. ... More

What God Said About Bi-Racial Marriages

Why does so much angst exist concerning biracial marriages? The basic answer typically boils down to bigotry. The problems over biracial marriages are not coming fro... More

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