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Give And You Shall Receive

It really is better to give than to receive. Helping others--but not getting help from others--lowers the risk of death for elderly people. Making a contribution to ... More

Go To Church: Live Longer—Even Forever

People who attend religious services a couple of times a week may live longer, a new study suggests. In fact, the study even suggested that church attendance could ... More

In Six Days: Yes

The camp of atheism/evolution was recently dealt another blow when one of their own decided to challenge the sacred paradigm. Since then, a number of prominent memb... More


A running issue out of the flesh covers a myriad of problems, for example, the common cold. You can be certain that in this world there are billions of sicknesses ea... More

Nocebo, Placebo and You

As you should suppose there is an opposite to the placebo effect and it is called the nocebo effect, which is basically the physically negative things that take plac... More

The Formula for Killing Stress

Stress is a killer, and because God’s Word promises the faithful abundant life (John 10:10), He spends considerable time in the Scriptures teaching us to handle stre... More

New Science Says Bible True, Again

It was Charles Darwins position that, as science advanced in knowledge, it would become abundantly clear that religion and faith in God would no longer be relevant, ... More

The Perfect Diet (Updated)

God spends a considerable amount of time in the Bible giving instructions concerning diet. The food and drink we consume—which dictates much of basic health—also ha... More

A Merry Heart or a Broken Spirit

Do you have a merry heart? Are you resting in the peace that passes understanding? A merry heart is a gift from the Lord Jesus Christ to those who surrender their li... More

Science’s Plan To Escape Universe’s End

It’s common knowledge amongst five-year-old Bible students that the heavens and the earth will come to an abrupt end. Scientists, as well as evolutionists, have come... More

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