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Sex and Abstinence

It is truly a pandemic — one that literally affects nearly every family on Earth. The world’s population as a whole has rejected God’s strictures on fornication. F... More

QandA: Pornography, General Sin, Protection

Satan attacks the spiritual man through his weakest link, whatever that weakness may be. His weapons fit the weakness, such as sexual lust, covetousness, hatred, bi... More


I know such an act is hard to fathom by most people, including me, but the Kinsey report indicates that 8% of American males have had at least one sexual interaction... More


Angels have been sighted hundreds of thousands of times and that is not an exaggeration. This should come as no surprise.... More

The Power of Sex and One Flesh

Charles Darwin mused that as science and its discoveries increased it would become obvious to all that the God of the Bible was fiction – a social construct of man –... More

The Wages of Sin — Part Two

Is there truly a price to pay for disobedience? This is Part Two in a short series dealing with the reality of the Biblical concept of the wages of sin. This featu... More

Ear Piercing and Jewelry

Many legitimate questions regarding ear piercing and the wearing of jewelry have been asked. The Scriptures clearly endorse jewelry as we read in the Old Testament.... More

Forty-Eight Hours In Hell

Regardless of whether man chooses to believe or not, God remains God and His word remains the truth and one day soon there will be a reckoning.... More

The Ubiquitous Proof of the Curse

When a nation, or an individual, rejects God's Word, they mock God and the results will, by necessity, follow. God lays out a plan in His commandments for nation bu... More

Hauntings, Dead Spirits, and Ghosts

Death is not oblivion. When a man dies upon this earth, he is totally disengaged from earthly things, but conscious. By design, we function in a spiritual realm.... More

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