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Heart Treatment On Its Head vs. God’s Perfect Package

There is hope for the sick. There is hope for the dying. There is hope for those suffering from psychological disorders. ... More

Words of Amazement — Words We Must Master

Surely we are literally made of words, and during these times of colossal calamity the words that we speak will dictate all that concerns us. The words that come fr... More

Free Love and Sex Superbug

During the 1960s and its generation of rebellion and unbridled lust came the term “Free Love.” It represented the idea of sexual “freedom.” It was time to break on... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXVI) -- The Anti-Christ U.S. Government

The world, and yes, the United States, is anti-Christ, which is a necessary condition for God’s judgment and correction to fall. This feature will appear very dark ... More

The Heart Series, Part One

God speaks of a merry heart doing good like a medicine, and that a broken spirit dries up the bones. Remember, this passage was authored thousands of years before s... More

Some of the Greatest Principles of All Time, Part Three, Harnessing the Supernatural Power of Words

The words you speak over your life, your circumstances, yourself, your spouse, your children, your boss, your job, your family members, etc., dictate outcome. Very ... More

The Airplanes That Defied Modern Ice Core Dating

The account begins in 1942, during World War II, when some much needed fighter planes were to be ferried from the United States to England to aid in the war. Weathe... More

Out-of-Body and Near-Death Experiences and the Skeptics

They are called out-of-body or near-death experiences (NDE). These events are often described as a person’s soul leaving his or her body on a death-bed, for instanc... More

Bridling the Tongue and Its Power

The book of James speaks about bridling the tongue. A bridle is used for the purpose of governing a horse. With the bridle, the horse can be used for many fruitful... More

They Look up to the Heavens by: Vincent Rondenelli

A reader shares a poem he wrote with GodSaidManSaid. ... More

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