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Baptism With Holy Ghost Update

We contacted persons of note on the national level who have made a strong confession for Jesus Christ, and who have also experienced the Baptism with the Holy Ghost.... More

Imaginations of the Thoughts

You may not be devoted to Halle Berry, but at least one of your brain cells is. Neuroscientists revealed this spring that their research team had discovered individu... More

A Drunken Earth Approaches

Imagine stars striking the earth, and earthquakes and tsunamis of immeasurable magnitude. Imagine the earth turned "upside down," the earth "clean dissolved," and t... More

Wisdom Teeth — What They Didnít Tell You

In a popular high school biology textbook, two authors discuss removal of peopleís wisdom teeth supposedly due to "evolution of the human jaw." But this has nothing ... More

The Superhuman Brain

Your amazing human brain is worth more than the aggregate wealth of the world. Tap its power. The brain is a literal pharmaceutical manufacturing plant and administ... More

Harnessing Word Power and Editing DNA

Science has now arrived at the conclusion that words are consequential and a whole lot more consequential than could ever be imagined. We are words. Learning to spea... More

180 Proof

The blessings and beauty of God are found in the contradiction. It is in the midst of contradiction where Godís promises are challenged or contradicted by circumstan... More

Yeast Infections and Seven Days

Candida albicans is leaven or yeast, a fungus that subsists on the surface of all living things. It is what causes bread to rise and fruit juice to ferment. This Can... More

Shocking Truth! Internalized Words are Converted to Light

A daily dose of Holy Word therapy is just what Dr. Jesus prescribes for depression. Changing the words of doubt and fear to God's promises of certainty and security... More

The Superhuman Brain II

The human brain single-handedly destroys the notion of evolution whose premise is that time, chance, and need create life. Unfortunately for this evolutionary premi... More

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