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The 4th Dimension

Isn’t it stunning? Imagine, God’s truth, declared thousands of years ago, addressing the most sophisticated of today’s scientific discoveries and speculations, is de... More

Is Earth the Center of the Universe?

Today’s physicists are preoccupied with what is commonly known as the Anthropic Principle. To science, it is the intriguing discovery that all things have been desi... More

The Saga of the Serpent — Part Three

You have surely seen the caduceus, for it is one of the medical industry’s prominent emblems. It is the symbol of the winged rod wrapped about by two snakes. A seco... More

Death Commandments

Death commandments, or the capital crimes of the scriptures, are crimes against society at large. These laws were and are perfect. These directives were written by... More

Science at the Door (They Keep On Knocking But They Can't Come In)

Did you ever consider that scientists searching for life in outer space, looking for extraterrestrials, probing for a parallel universe or universes, or looking for ... More

A Crisis in Physics—But Not at God's House

Instead of embracing the obvious, fallen man, like his mother Eve, seeks another way and his foolish heart is darkened. Jesus Christ is the “true Light” and when He... More

Y Chromosome Adam—and God's Children Are Already There

It is truly astounding that no matter how hard they resist, the academics of the world end up here—right on the doorstep of the Holy Bible. And, when the academics ... More

The Mystery of the Second Law

Much confusion and debate exists in the field of science concerning the second law of thermodynamics. It is theorized that at the Big Bang there was maximum chaos, w... More

Water Douses Big Bang

Thousands of years ago, before the word science entered the human lexicon, God Said! His words have been challenged incessantly by the world’s brightest, but they ha... More

Exciting Archaeology (Part II)

This feature of GodSaidManSaid will once again prove the full veracity of the majority-text Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible. It was mentioned in las... More

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