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The Big Bang vs. Moses and the Hebrew Slaves

The question of elements of historicity in the Biblical account of the Egyptian enslavement of the Israelites and their subsequent Exodus from Egypt is an extremely ... More

Ms. A. Said Absolutely Ridiculous!

I believe in Jesus Christ and I know that He is my Lord and Savior. I am also a public school science teacher required to teach evolution. I was hoping for something... More

Dangerous Devolution at the Door

Research done in genetics shows that evolution is not just improbable from a genetic standpoint, it is impossible. Additionally, not only are we not evolving, real ... More

Why the Blood of Jesus?

Why was Jesus the ultimate sacrifice? I understand that He died for our sins, He was God’s son, but why was it so significant that it was a human that died--that it ... More

The Chronology From Here To Eternity

Most people are intrigued about the Biblical declaration of the future day of world judgment and the beginning of eternity. This feature will lay out that basic chr... More

Satan's Champions Have Gone to the Dogs

All humans on the earth today are a product of the four couples on the earth who descended from the Ark when it landed. As you should suspect, the dog population to... More

Past Finding Out

The pseudo-wise are busy bamboozling their fellow man with bologna and he loves to have it that way. But the real truth of the matter is in every instance where man ... More

The Law and Sabbath — Part One

This feature will deal with the law, the Sabbath day in particular, and the principle of fulfillment. We understand that much doctrinal confusion exists concerning t... More

Chicken or the Egg and Starlight

The argument of distant stars and starlight has succeeded in penetrating the world’s psyche as the many questions on this matter reaching this website attest to.... More

One of Year's Top Science Stories Says Yes!

Numerous Biblical pronouncements once thought crazy exaggerations and plain impossibilities have now not only become possible, but true. ... More

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