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Sin and Sickness Connected at the Hip

Today's science confirms the inerrancy of the beautiful book. The precepts laid down in God's Word thousands of years ago are still the truth. That is in fact the ... More

Pandemics: Drop Out & Tune In

The world is gripped by a spirit of terror and uncertainty. I suspect the “cure” being imposed could prove more deadly than the dreaded disease. This global and na... More

Why Is The Black Man Black and White Man White?

Why is the black man black and other races the color they are? The answer to this question was published by us many years ago, and several years ago the answer was ... More

The Perfect Diet (Updated)

God spends a considerable amount of time in the Bible giving instructions concerning diet. The food and drink we consume—which dictates much of basic health—also ha... More

The Heart Series, Part Four

The heart’s food is comprised of words which make up thoughts. Fixating on the right thoughts is crucial to spiritual and physical health. It is a truism to the fa... More

Kill Stress Now! You Can Do It!

Life is full of stressful situations. Whether you have stepped in front of a speeding bicycle or are bombing a job interview, there is a chain reaction that is trig... More

Free Love and Sex Superbug

During the 1960s and its generation of rebellion and unbridled lust came the term “Free Love.” It represented the idea of sexual “freedom.” It was time to break on... More

Dinosaurs Updated

First, remember that nearly all dinosaurs that have been unearthed have been buried in sandstone, which means they were destroyed by water action. This was the water... More

The Legal Mechanism and Pandemics

The argument goes like this: “If there is a God and He is good, why all the suffering and evil?” God is good and “God is love” and He has prepared beautiful things ... More

Is There Life in Outer Space?

Speculation abounds and vast resources are committed to establishing whether there is life in outer space. To evolutionists, it is a type of missing link. By the way... More

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