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Immortality Keeps on Knocking - Part 2 (It Happened on the Inside)

You cannot afford fear and stress. The results are deadly. The Word of God spends considerable time teaching its adherents the supernatural power of shifting fear ... More

Asa Paulovich—777

Many of you are mourning—and rejoicing—with us concerning Asa, and many of you may be mourning a loved one who has passed from you. I hope this feature will help yo... More

Giants II

When discussing giants of old and people of enormous height, many people today lump these two together, referring to terms such as "gigantism" or "acromegaly," a rar... More

The Curse of Alcohol

Years ago while working in the prison ministry, I met a man named Victor. Victor was an alcoholic and was incarcerated as a result of deeds spawned by his bondage. ... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXII: Gay Marriage and Two Weddings)

In the beginning, God establishes two central and essential biological and social structures. He first creates a male and calls him Adam. From the rib of Adam, God... More

When God Builds a Nation (Part 1)

During the mid-1960s, U.S. president Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty and began the American welfare state and the unintended consequences have been devastatin... More

Geologists Say Yes To Crucifixion

The historicity of Jesus Christ has been roundly challenged by Christ-deniers in modern times, but not during the time of Christ. The Jewish authorities in the time... More

In The Beginning (Part One)

Was there light before the sun? Did mankind come from one original father and mother? What about the cherubims? A record exists in the earth.... More

Adam Was To Live Forever

Think of a baby's soft head. It is fashioned with cartilage as well as bone. Our skull gradually changes over time from fetus to infant to adolescent to adult. This ... More

2009 Missing Link Still Missing

The world of evolution is celebrating the 200th year since the birth of Charles Darwin. An enormous amount of time is being spent to commemorate his teachings and a... More

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Zechariah 12:10 (KJV)
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