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Entropy and Time's Arrow (They Always End Up Here)

We get older but never younger. There is a distinct arrow of time pointing in one direction. Nobody really knows why time marches always forward, as the universe g... More

Stillborn Dilemma

Could the scriptures actually be accurate? Were we “shapen in iniquity?” Were we actually born into this world with the fallen carnal spirit of Satan on board? Psy... More

Nation Building

What would have happened if all of God’s commandments given to the children of Israel were obeyed? Would they have been set on high above all the nations of the ear... More

Homosexuality: Born That Way -- Stay That Way II -- Choices Are Being Made

The Bible is clear in the Old and New Testament: homosexuality is condemned and punishable by death, as are the sins of murder, adultery, witchcraft, and more. God ... More

The Wages of Sin — Part Four — Conclusion

This world has labored under the curse of sin and death for 6,000 years. Soon this world as we know it will end at a place called Armageddon. At the end of that, Jes... More

Two Adams: An Amazing Story (Everything That We Experience Sits in Between the Two Adams)

There are two Adams in the Book. This feature will dwell on the first. According to Bishop Ussher, the first Adam was created by God on Friday, September 27, 4004 ... More

Noah's Ark: Boarding Now

GodSaidManSaid does not date its features in its headlines lest some think they are “dated.” Keep in mind, our reference text was written thousands of years ago. T... More

The Literal Difference Is Staggering (Part VI)

To the skeptics who pretend to look for truth, this feature should settle all debate. Today Deuteronomy 30:19 will be ever so obvious. This feature will again brin... More

The Mystery of Why They End Up Here

No matter how hard the unbelievers dodge, no matter how hard academia searches, they end up here. They always end up at the Word of God.. It always ends up here—an... More

True Soul Music

Music is a gift from God to bless the souls of men. When one's choice of music is the music that glorifies God, that person has the added benefit of the Almighty Go... More

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