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Strange and Miraculous Words

The Bible--yes, written thousands of years ago--makes strange and miraculous statements--strange statements which have been vigorously challenged by self-absorbed cr... More

You Can Be a Brain Surgeon

The memory cannot sink back as part of your attitude into your non-conscious mind without being changed in some way. This is marvelous news for you, but it also emp... More

A Matter of Law

There is much confusion about how a believer should approach the Old Testament. The ordinances and observations of the law have been fulfilled in Christ.... More

Floods and the Sea Monster

Information concerning a global flood and a very young earth continue to knock loudly at the door, but pseudo-science refuses to open it. Many of the world’s geolog... More

If You Want to be Happy for the Rest of Your Life

The Word of God creates a spiritual structure that houses and nourishes the souls of the redeemed; central to that structure is the house of God. This holy structur... More

Wicked Thoughts and How to Deal with Them

There’s somebody living in your body. This somebody is a multifaceted, non-physical, very real entity. The Bible teaches us to separate our bodies from this invisib... More

The Historicity of Jesus Christ Updated

The trail of credible history that certifies the reality of the person Jesus Christ is monumental. The trail of history that certifies the virgin birth, the ministry... More

Holy Ghost (Part Four)

My wife and I were born-again November 8th, 1970. Five days later, we were baptized with the Holy Ghost with the initial manifestation of speaking in new tongues. Se... More

Strange and Peculiar Groupings of Words and Your Life Light

The Bible’s light principle is first spiritual, then physical. Consider these amazing parallels between science’s latest discoveries and God’s Word written thousand... More

Which Religion?

Religious confusion is rampant, causing wars, hatred, bigotry, murder, spiritual uncleanness of all forms, and more. It must be noted that all evil is a religious is... More

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