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Six Thousand-Year-Old Earth Proven Again

During a TV interview with Julian Huxley, who was the keynote speaker of the 100th anniversary celebration of Charles Darwin’s doctrine of evolution, Huxley was aske... More

Young Keeps On Rolling

When the skeptics are challenged to prove their claims of billions of years, they simply slink away, typically never to be heard from again. Why do they so desperat... More

Jesus Christ — History Shouts Yes!

One commentator asserted that there is more historic accounting of Jesus Christ than that of George Washington, the first President of the United States. Did the vi... More

Homosexuality Updated

The Word of God is still very clear about the cause, the punishment, and the solution for homosexuality.... More

The Deceivableness of Unrighteousness and 6,000 Years

Evolutionists assign dates to rock layers built upon unbelief, which produced their doctrine of uniformitarianism. When they find a fossil, they align their age ass... More

Carbon-14 and Genesis 1: "In the Beginning"

If you had no axe to grind—no preconceived turf to defend—what would you conclude from the plain reading of the evidence? There is no reason for the student of the ... More

QandA: Pornography, General Sin, Protection

Satan attacks the spiritual man through his weakest link, whatever that weakness may be. His weapons fit the weakness, such as sexual lust, covetousness, hatred, bi... More


God is very adamant concerning the eating of blood. Man’s record in this matter of blood is not good. Blood has not been properly removed from butchered meats thus ... More

Water Douses Big Bang

Thousands of years ago, before the word science entered the human lexicon, God Said! His words have been challenged incessantly by the world’s brightest, but they ha... More

The Literal Difference Is Staggering — Part VI

To the skeptics who pretend to look for truth, this feature should settle all debate. Today Deuteronomy 30:19 will be ever so obvious. This feature will again brin... More

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