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Howard Questions Faith — Proof and Purpose

The proof of oneís acceptance into the family of God, through faith in Christ Jesus, is not a certificate of baptism or the right hand of fellowship from any particu... More

What Does Faith Look Like?

The foundation of all glorious living and eternal life is faith. Faith is the currency of the kingdom of God. Just as money is the currency by which man functions in... More

Neanderthal Man Back in the News—Was He Sighted in Outer Mongolia?

The positions for unbelief have all been discredited as either frauds or the wrong reading of the facts. Every time the academics have challenged the Word of God, t... More

The Fruits of Homosexuality

God is not sitting on a cloud with a bag of curses, waiting for an opportunity to collar the rebellious. Manís deeds have consequences. Do the right thing obeying ... More

QandA: New World Order, Free Will

I have a question of my own that no one seems to be able to answer satisfactorily: Will we have free will in heaven? If no, then how do you explain Luciferís desires... More

Genetic Faith

According to Romans 12:3, God has dealt a measure of faith to every man. Faith is onboard from the beginning. Faith functions at the center of our molecular struct... More

If Deep Passions Exist, Men Will Challenge 2+2 = 4

What causes men to cast off fame and fortune and to jeopardize all that life calls dear for the Cross of Christ? The vile Roman emperor hung Christians on their own ... More

The Star of David

The Jewish flag hosts an emblem called the Star of David, known to the Israelis as the Shield of David. It should be no surprise that Satanís camp would attempt to ... More

The Measure of Faith

All believers understand at one level or another that faith is the only currency in the Kingdom of God. Beginning with initial salvation all the way to eternal life... More

Immortality Keeps on Knocking - Part 4 (Immortality Returns)

This is Part Four, and immortality is again being offered by God and the way back is clearly defined. Imagine a place where Jesus Christ says itís impossible to die... More

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