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They Were Writing in Hebrew Like They Owned the Place

Day after day, new information pours in that denies the skeptics a shred of cover. Those who challenge the accuracy of the Scriptures are naked and exposed, yet the... More

King James Scholarship

There is nothing more important than our copy of the Word of God. Its credentials must be impeccable, its veracity unassailable. Our eternal lives depend on it, an... More

What Color was Adam?

Race issues are big on the global stage, and one should expect these issues to burn even more out of control as our vaunted politicians, esteemed academics, and ever... More

Faith vs Unbelief: All the Information You'll Need

We can�t succeed in anything without faith. The mold was set from the beginning, and the standard of faith cannot be broken without incurring serious, even deadly, ... More

The More They Dig, the More They Find (God�s Word is True & Righteous Altogether)

It�s obvious to the higher critics that God and His Bible are mistaken when it states that Moses could write. God, that�s if there is a God, got it wrong when He sp... More

All the World Once Spoke One Common Language; Things Changed at Babel

Many of God�s pronouncements in the Bible strain credulity. The natural mind cannot grasp the supernatural nature of the Word of God and easily accepts the skeptics... More

What Do They Really Know to be True? Very Fake News, Indeed!

Why can�t they prove their theories? Why is every bold headline replaced, typically in its own text, with what-ifs and but-ifs? There�s a lot of big and bold anti-C... More

Four Wise Men Came to My Office

Things are not often what they appear. Four stars, four luminaries, came to my office the other day, but most would not have recognized them as those who have achie... More

PETA Gets Involved (AI & Bible Translations)

Which Bible should I read? My copy of the Word of God is of paramount importance. Everything depends upon it. I need to know what is in my hand is true and righteo... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XLIII)—The Battle Begins

Full-scale war could break out at any moment. The US President, Donald Trump, has moved the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, and just last week, announced US rec... More

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