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Harnessing Word Power and Editing DNA

Science has now arrived at the conclusion that words are consequential and a whole lot more consequential than could ever be imagined. We are words. Learning to spea... More

Words of Amazement — Words We Must Master

Surely we are literally made of words, and during these times of colossal calamity the words that we speak will dictate all that concerns us. The words that come fr... More

Red-Faced Befuddlement

The beautiful certainty of the Word of God is breathtaking. It is not peppered with the �what-ifs� and �but ifs� of today�s academics. Truth doesn�t trade in uncer... More

The Fasting Miracle

Research shows fasting is an effective weight-loss strategy and also has potential to improve health for people of normal weight. Regular practice may delay the ons... More

Satan's Champions Inadvertently Certify Holy Writ

Thousands of years before man�s science begins to comprehend, the God of all science stakes out the position of unchanging truth in His Word. Carnal man can change ... More

Why Must Every Book Bow (Part 2)

An interesting dichotomy exists: On one hand, carnal man rejects God�s Holy Bible; on the other, his daily speech is laced with God�s principles and even carnal man�... More

The Empty Tomb

Satan�s skeptics howl over the Biblical assertion of Christ�s triumphant resurrection and His spoiling of their leader Satan�s ultimate stronghold�death. Unfortunat... More

Dinosaurs and Sea Monsters of the Bible Found

Dinosaurs, those terrible lizards, lived to very old years prior to the global flood�testimonials remain after the flood�and they are the dragons, the fiery flying s... More


Mutations are central to evolutionary theory. Can mutations prove Darwin�s hypothesis? The field of genetics was established in 1900. Charles Darwin was dead befo... More

Seeking Another Way

No tolerance! It�s disconcerting to many even in Christianity that Jesus has zero tolerance. Jesus Christ is the truth and there is no other way to life and life mo... More

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