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The World's Oldest Alphabet and Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

Several Biblical figures turn up in the translated inscriptions, including Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his half-brothers and then became a powerful politica... More

They Were Writing in Hebrew Like They Owned the Place

Day after day, new information pours in that denies the skeptics a shred of cover. Those who challenge the accuracy of the Scriptures are naked and exposed, yet the... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Part Three)

How will this antichrist gain control over all the earth with its dramatic and dangerous diversities? A vehicle to facilitate just such an organization was establish... More

QandA, The Supreme Divinity

Why does God speak as if there is more than one God? He uses the phrase "one of us," which is plural, implying that there is more than one God. ... More

Daniel and the Prince of the Eunuchs

Consider Daniel and Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah: they not only lived in the time of Godís judgment upon their nation, they were stolen from their motherís house, e... More

Faith Slams the Door Shut!

Isnít it marvelous to consider that the first Adam, who was the son of God, opened the flood gates of sin and death, and that Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of ... More

Split Down the Middle and Choosing Sides

Suppose that the U.S. polarization became so trenchant that the nation agreed to split down the middle Ė one side for the "right" and one side for the "left." Such ... More


GOD SAID there are no vestigial organs in the human body...every organ with a place...every organ with a purpose.... More

Excavators Find 20,000 Babies in Jars

In ancient times, many people sacrificed children unto devils. The Scriptures report this in several passages. This type of murder is called infanticide. The phrase ... More

Words and Neuropeptides

Can it be literally true? Can death and life be in the power of a manís tongue? Can the tongue actually, literally, defile the whole body? The answers are being reve... More

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