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Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday - Update XX - The Fish of the Sea

Marine fossils are found on every mountain peak, and the vast majority of all fossils unearthed are marine in nature. Itís getting ready to happen again. Surely, Je... More

Noah's Ark and Societal Records

One of the strongest evidences for the global Flood that annihilated all the people on Earth except for Noah and his family has been the presence of flood legends in... More

QandA: Can I Marry Him?

The guy that Iím dating now has just recently accepted Christ as his Savior. But, he has an ex-wife and a daughter. THE WORD OF GOD HAS THE ANSWER!... More

Columbus III

Does God interact in the affairs of man universally, globally, regionally, and personally? Yes, God speaks regularly to those who have ears to hear and reveals Hims... More


GodSaidManSaid fields visitor questions including the earth after the flood of Noah, men and women in eternity, and the ministry of GodSaidManSaid.... More

Noah's Goats

Tracing the DNA lineage of all humans back to an original source has revealed that all humans originally came from a single woman and a single man. DNA testing has ... More

The Era of Chimp To Man Is Over

Manís alternative solutions to God consistently turn up as dead ends. In light of the predicament in which man finds himself, he keeps busy in the creation of alter... More

Nose and Smell

This weekís feature deals with the subject of the nose and the sense of smell. Godís emphasis on the nose with its sense of smell is striking, placing it in a promi... More

Ocean World

The Word of God declares that the world was twice entirely covered with water: once in the beginning of creation and the second time in the days of Noah. Many skepti... More

Miss H. Makes Second Greatest Decision

Other than salvation, nothing affects more people in this life than marriage. In these days of eroding mores, no-fault divorce, and social acceptance of divorce, ma... More

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