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Dragons, Dinosaurs, and the Devil (Part Two)

The name dinosaur, which means terrible lizard, entered the English lexicon when it was coined by Sir Richard Owens in 1841. Prior to this, the dinosaur and its kin... More

Prophecy Prelude

Statistician Dr. Peter Stoner calculated the odds of a man making just 48 of the Biblical prophecies of the coming of Jesus Christ and having them coming to pass. Th... More

Talking Dinosaurs

It is no small matter that dragons mirror dinosaurs. It is no small matter that dragon legends have men encountering real, living, giant reptiles. It is no small m... More

Science And Hearing The Voice of God

Carnal man has refused to retain God in his knowledge, so he is doomed to seek empty-headed foolishness. He will pursue those things which are not convenient; not t... More

Moses Challenged

The ancient Israelites in Egypt built no homes, no buildings, no roads, leaving scant archaeological record. But history, on the other hand, is replete with informa... More

911 Average Years and The Egyptian Reigns

If men lived an average pre-flood life of 911 years, or basically 13 times longer than we do today (and they certainly did), then much of the world’s knowledge that ... More

Irrelevant Challenges GodSaidManSaid

A poison pen e-mail came in from a GodSaidManSaid visitor by the name of “Irrelevant.” This visitor challenged many doctrinal positions of this website. In the fol... More


Those with a loved one who has committed suicide have haunting, unanswered questions. They must leave the judgment to God. We don’t know what an individual who took ... More

True Soul Music

Music is a gift from God to bless the souls of men. When one's choice of music is the music that glorifies God, that person has the added benefit of the Almighty Go... More

When Truth is Truth (Part One)

How true is man’s truth? Carnaldom’s truth is ever-changing. Now, contrast that to the Word of God in your majority-text Holy Bible that was penned thousands of ye... More

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