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The Plastic Brain

The big news in the field of neuroscience is that the brain is "plastic" Ė changes form over time, and words and experiences are central to this process. Thousands ... More

Let's Change Our Brains

All mental illness has some form of direct or indirect negative spiritual input, and the solution to these issues is Jesus Christ alone. The Godly renewing of the m... More

Geologists Say Yes To Crucifixion

The historicity of Jesus Christ has been roundly challenged by Christ-deniers in modern times, but not during the time of Christ. The Jewish authorities in the time... More

Why the Blood of Jesus?

By one manís disobedience came Satanís dominion and death to all mankind. By another manís obedience came life and life everlasting to all who choose this last Adam... More

180 Proof

The blessings and beauty of God are found in the contradiction. It is in the midst of contradiction where Godís promises are challenged or contradicted by circumstan... More

Music Power

The power of music transcends every nationality line and all of creation. Within music is found great benefit to all of life. God invests much instruction time abo... More

The Superhuman Brain II

The human brain single-handedly destroys the notion of evolution whose premise is that time, chance, and need create life. Unfortunately for this evolutionary premi... More

Jesusís Tomb Again and Again

Doesnít is seem suspect to you that a tomb, with the buried Jesus Christ inside, would go undetected for nearly two millennia? Doesnít it seem suspect that the most... More

Some of the Greatest Principles of All Time Ė Part One Ė Brains and Words

Every brain is a supremely sophisticated computer. The vast majority of the information in the unregenerated mind is misinformation. Through the born-again experie... More

Children and the Rod

The Godly prescription for child rearing has been thoroughly trashed by the likes of Watson, Freud, Spock, Neill, Gordon, Westheimer, and their ever-ready media pund... More

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