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Herod Murders The Children

Centuries before Herod committed this great evil against the children of Bethlehem, Rachel had died and was buried beside the highway at the entrance to Bethlehem, a... More

Archaeology Certifies Bible, Miracles and All

The skeptics abound who challenge the accuracy of the Bibleís accounts, but their skepticism is being overturned on a very regular basis.... More

Satan's Champions Have Gone to the Dogs

All humans on the earth today are a product of the four couples on the earth who descended from the Ark when it landed. As you should suspect, the dog population to... More

Speaking To and Getting Measurable Results From the Extraterrestrial — Part Two

Man and his science are spending billions of dollars in an effort to contact or find life in outer space, but looking in all the wrong places. Multitudes of credibl... More


Premarital sex is Biblically known as fornication, which can also mean any manner of illicit sex. If you have or are now participating in fornication, repent and tu... More

Spanish Translators Needed!

GodSaidManSaid needs Spanish translators. If you sense God is leading you to participate in this major undertaking, email your interest and various qualifications t... More

Sowing and Reaping

Is it true that righteousness breeds life? Could it be possible that the "wages of sin is death", and that sin actually pays wages? Does it make sense that you reap ... More

Science Illuminated by Light and Words

It was Darwinís position that, as the years passed, the new discoveries of science would make God and His Bible irrelevant. Itís been over 150 years since Darwinís ... More


Certainty, the beauty of certainty. Without certainty, the sun may or may not rise, the day may or may not begin, your heart may or may not beat. Without reproduci... More

Springs of the Sea

Springs of the sea, fountains of the great deep, and subterranean oceanic water storehouses are declared in the Word of God thousands of years before science began t... More

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