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Peking Man Is Not Who They Say He Is

The case in point in this feature is the frenzied attempts of unbelievers to produce the proverbial missing link — the intermediate between man and monkey, and on ba... More

Who Salted The Dig?

The man’s facetious accusation was that if there was a God, He salted the dig. In other words, God planted information of all sorts that has misled man into believi... More

I Am Trying To Find A Church Out Here!

There are multitudes of churches across America and around the world. Yet in the midst of all the churchianity, there is a famine for the Word of God. Many churches ... More

Noah - Extraordinary Evidence

A secular scientist once said, “If Noah’s Ark is true, we’ll have to rewrite our text books because they have been written on the premise that the ark was a fairy ta... More

Men and Chimps, 98%! Oops!

The ranks of the anti-God squealed with delight over the 2004 claim by some scientists that more than 98% of the DNA sequences of chimps and humans are identical. I... More

God's Scientists Lead the Way

The suggestion by the ungodly is that the world’s great minds reject the Bible and its Christ when the exact opposite is true. Vast numbers of the world’s greatest ... More

Out-of-Body Experience

Literally millions of people have had an out-of-body experience. According to a 1990 Gallup poll, 12% or approximately 30 million people have reported some form of ... More

Geologists Say Yes To Crucifixion

The historicity of Jesus Christ has been roundly challenged by Christ-deniers in modern times, but not during the time of Christ. The Jewish authorities in the time... More

In Six Days: Yes

The camp of atheism/evolution was recently dealt another blow when one of their own decided to challenge the sacred paradigm. Since then, a number of prominent memb... More

Balaam’s Curse

God said that a wicked man named Balaam taught Balak, the king of the Moabites, to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel. God’s Word is a reliable hi... More

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