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Why the Blood of Jesus?

By one manís disobedience came Satanís dominion and death to all mankind. By another manís obedience came life and life everlasting to all who choose this last Adam... More

Prophecies of Christ and Proof that God Is

God employs prophecy as one platform to prove that He is. He tells the end from the beginning and challenges man to attempt to do the same. When the laws of probab... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update II) — All the Nations Gather

The anti-Israel seeds have been planted around the globe and they are bearing their destructive fruit. The world is on its way to a meeting with its creator Jesus Ch... More

QandA: Should a Christian Take Up Arms?

Many Christians continue to debate the legitimacy of capital punishment, but all should be aware that God endorses it. This is not a contradiction of "Thou shalt no... More

The Star of David

The Jewish flag hosts an emblem called the Star of David, known to the Israelis as the Shield of David. It should be no surprise that Satanís camp would attempt to ... More

The New Testament and the Blood of the Saints

Would you sacrifice your life for a lie? All the disciples, with the exception of John, died horrific martyrís deaths in order to tell the gospel. ďAllĒ that was r... More

Outer Darkness

The revelations of Godís Word are not obvious to the casual reader but are made known to those who seek God with all their hearts. Godís truths cannot be obtained b... More

C.J.ís Friends Are Cursing

Some of my friends question me about cursing since they do it often. One of them actually suggests that the Holy Lord and Savior Jesus Christ thought of cursing as s... More

Geologists Say Yes To Crucifixion

The historicity of Jesus Christ has been roundly challenged by Christ-deniers in modern times, but not during the time of Christ. The Jewish authorities in the time... More

Geologists Floored by Water Rock

Geologists are finding exactly what the Scriptures declare--a world founded upon the seas and established upon the floods. ... More

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