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Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XXXVII--Coming Soon: Things that Seem So Absurd, Part 2)

The Middle East is a powder keg. Now, for the first time in 30 years, Russia has positioned itself in the middle of the equation and is galvanizing Syria, Iran, and... More

Whore’s Forehead

God focuses much attention in His word on the human forehead. It is associated with morality, judgment, commitment, memory and control.... More

Black Plague Leveled by Leviticus--And Here It Is Again!

Workers in hazmat suits were moving down the streets door-to-door removing the dead from their homes in sealed black body bags and taking them within minutes to thei... More

The Secret of Self-Destruction

Mankind has an inherent predisposition for self destruction. It is a matter of kinship. Like mother like daughter, like father like son. In this article it will a... More

Brian’s Disagreements

In your argument you state that the King James Bible is the only right Bible, yet, I have to wonder if you read the actual 1611 version or not, seeing as how the 161... More

Science’s Plan To Escape Universe’s End

It’s common knowledge amongst five-year-old Bible students that the heavens and the earth will come to an abrupt end. Scientists, as well as evolutionists, have come... More

Pastor AJ Contends With King James

It is Pastor A.J.’s position that "the Bible is only inspired in the original language it was given," inferring that the English Authorized King James Version--as we... More

Big Bang Just Another Chicken-Lizard

Did God create the earth and its universe in six, literal, 24-hour days just over 6,000 years ago--or did we explode into existence (the Big Bang) from basically no... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday — Part Three

How will this antichrist gain control over all the earth with its dramatic and dangerous diversities? A vehicle to facilitate just such an organization was establish... More

Whole Wheat — Get In Line!

When God puts His imprimatur on a product, wise men and women get in line. Over 500 times, God’s Word speaks of wheat, bread, and its related products. ... More

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