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In Jesusís Name

The power of Jesus Christís name is bigger than the entire universe, for He spoke it into existence by the Word of His Father. Itís in Jesus Christís name by which ... More

Harnessing Words, Light, and Health

Last weekís feature demonstrated the supernatural veracity of Holy writ that teaches the amazing interchangeability of words and light. Now todayís science confirms... More

Dragons, Dinosaurs, and the Devil (Part Two)

The name dinosaur, which means terrible lizard, entered the English lexicon when it was coined by Sir Richard Owens in 1841. Prior to this, the dinosaur and its kin... More

The Triune Curse

Three specific judgments handed down by God against three individuals will propel the peoples who would descend from these three men along with the nations of the ea... More

Strange and Miraculous Words

The Bible--yes, written thousands of years ago--makes strange and miraculous statements--strange statements which have been vigorously challenged by self-absorbed cr... More

Fasting and Prayer--The Power that Breaks the Yoke

For many years, health activists have pointed to the major benefits of fasting, such as the resting of the heart and digestive systems, the cleansing of one's blood,... More

Marriage Counseling (Part 1 - All the Information You''ll Ever Need)

Godís Word is the authoritative instruction of all of life, including marriage, raising children, handling disputes, and gaining eternal life. The couples preparing... More

Homosexuality and a Way of Escape

Homosexuality is a terrible sin against God and against nature, but there is good news. There is a way of escape. This way of escape is the man Christ Jesus. He is t... More

The Formula for Killing Stress

Stress is a killer, and because Godís Word promises the faithful abundant life (John 10:10), He spends considerable time in the Scriptures teaching us to handle stre... More

The Invisible — Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heavenís Door

The more accomplished modern science becomes, the more obvious the truth of the scriptures shines forth. Thousands of years before the worldís most sophisticated sc... More

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