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911 Average Years and The Egyptian Reigns

The unbelievers of this world are celebrating the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth. It has been and will continue to be lifted up in the community's eye. ... More

EPA: Give the Land Its Sabbath

As a result of rejecting the Sabbath of the land, the overworked soil suffers mineral depletion. The work-around solutions include many harmful chemicals that are de... More

Holy Ghost Series

The Bible says to stir up the gift. You can pray in tongues as often as you choose, and you should do it daily. Remember, it is always the perfect prayer. To show yo... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update IV) — The Mountains Fall Down Flat

The coming day of the Lord, the day that Jesus Christ returns to this earth at a place known as Armageddon, will be a terrible, utterly devastating day for the inhab... More

They Were Writing in Hebrew Like They Owned the Place

Day after day, new information pours in that denies the skeptics a shred of cover. Those who challenge the accuracy of the Scriptures are naked and exposed, yet the... More

Pharaoh Kills Babies

Could it be true? Did the Jewish people once dwell as slaves in Egypt, and did Pharaoh kill the male babies of the Israelites?... More

The Secret of Self-Destruction

Mankind has an inherent predisposition for self destruction. It is a matter of kinship. Like mother like daughter, like father like son. In this article it will a... More

Center of the Universe Discovered and What Holds It Together

Man can't figure out how we got here, what our purpose is or what holds everything together. Like doubting disciples, certain astronomers spend much of their time lo... More

The Kings of the Bible Debunk Skeptics

This feature reviews some of the evidence showing the exactness and accuracy of the Bible in its chronology of ancient kings. In this field, it can be said historic... More

Walls of Jericho

Could the continual pounding of the in-step marching around the city once each day for six days, and seven times around on the seventh day, along with the harmonic m... More

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