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Who Salted The Dig?

The man’s facetious accusation was that if there was a God, He salted the dig. In other words, God planted information of all sorts that has misled man into believi... More

Beauty For Ashes

God gives beauty for ashes in many ways in a believer’s life, but at the final destruction of the wicked, they’ll be converted to literal ashes, and the beauty of Go... More

Speaking To Extraterrestrials

Science is looking for a language with which to speak to extraterrestrials. This should send a shock through the halls of higher learning, although you should expec... More

QandA: Resurrection

The resurrection is absolutely central to the faith, beginning with the death-conquering resurrection of Jesus Christ from the tomb, to the paradise-restoring resurr... More

Six Thousand Years From Adam Til Today

The age of the earth is very simply calculated using the Biblical genealogical record coupled with other very clear Scriptural mile markers. Using Scriptural dating... More

Can You Answer Three Questions?

Some have e-mailed bitter messages to us brimming with condescending rhetoric accusing GodSaidManSaid of narrow-minded ignorance. I must note here that what they acc... More

The Bizarre 180

Instead of man being created in the likeness and image of God, carnaldom offers the 180 of creeping things and amoeba dung. This absurdity is a product of one decisi... More

It Is Just Pure Chance — Part XI

When pseudo-science and carnal academia are confronted by amazing truths declared in the Word of God, thousands of years before modern knowledge begins to deduce, th... More

Created Out Of Nothing

And now to the biggest question of all, where did the Universe come from? Or, in modern terminology, what started the big bang? Could quantum fluctuations of empty s... More

Meditation Gives Life

Life-changing words, laid out in the scriptures, offer you life and life more abundantly. Life-giving instructions include attending church services. Major researc... More

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