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The Ghost Species & Genesis 6: The Story Continues

Did fallen sons of God take human wives and sire offspring known as “men of renown?” Some wonder whether these fallen ones will return, but the fact of the matter ... More

Noah's Ark and Societal Records

One of the strongest evidences for the global Flood that annihilated all the people on Earth except for Noah and his family has been the presence of flood legends in... More

Noah and Chicxulub

In secular literature and movies, the most popular explanation for the dinosaurs’ extinction is an asteroid impact. The Chicxulub Crater in Mexico is often referred... More

(Every Chapter, Verse, Sentence, Word, & Punctuation Mark) A Piece of God

There is nothing more important than our copy of the Word of God, and the translations are certainly not all the same! Surely nothing is more important than my copy ... More

God's Fingerprints (Noah, Giants, and Words)

These giants, said the Indians, denied the existence of a Great Spirit. When they heard the thunder or saw the lightning, they laughed and declared that they were g... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update XLII)—Another Way, Part 3

Many may find this hard to imagine, but there are gods who are non-human and many of them are here on the earth. Who are these gods that are not human?... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update II) — All the Nations Gather

The anti-Israel seeds have been planted around the globe and they are bearing their destructive fruit. The world is on its way to a meeting with its creator Jesus Ch... More

Springs, Paths, Lightning of the Thunder: I Need to Know It's True

God’s Word is not a science textbook, but when it weighs in on the discipline of science (which it does hundreds of times), it is “true and righteous altogether,” al... More

Undeniable Proof—Every Jot and Every Tittle (III)

All of mankind today finds their root in the three sons of Noah: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. All of them landed in the Ark on the mountains of Ararat, which exist in Ar... More

The Saga of the Serpent

Satan, the serpent, is real and he is a deceiver. On the surface, the flesh is gratified, experiencing pleasure for a season, but the end result is bondage, death, a... More

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