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Spiritual/Physical Connectivity and the Olive Tree

There is a huge emphasis in the Bible on food, specifically as it pertains to diet. There appears to be a type of spiritual umbilical cord that connects man and spi... More

Hidden Goodness You Can Find

The reasons behind all of Godís commandments and precepts often escape common understanding, but by faith, we know they are true because God said so, and we obey the... More

The Spark of Life: A Strange Grouping of Words

Without light, no life could exist. Light is the life source, spiritually and physically. For potential parents struggling with fertility, bright eggs might be good... More

Triceratops and More Soft Tissue Shout YES to Young Earth

Dinosaurs lived contemporaneously with man and this is a staggering problem for evolutionists.... More

God's Imprimatur and the Olive Tree

In this feature, we will not prove emphatically which tree was once the Tree of Life, but rather, we will provide the spiritual and physical rationale that strongly ... More

Pigs Deadly as Cigarettes—And a Whole Lot More!

It is true that the New Testament believer is no longer bound by these dietary laws and that we can sanctify the supper table unto God with the prayer of faith, but ... More

The Well, The Gutter, Exile, and Armageddon

Skeptics have long maligned the accuracy and credibility of the Holy Bible. Squirm and twist as they may, the Book stands true and undefeated. Millions upon millio... More

God's Signature, Beyond Question

Everything is imprinted with the prophetic signature of Jesus Christ. This is the will of God His Father.... More

The Law and Sabbath (Part One)

This feature will deal with the law, the Sabbath day in particular, and the principle of fulfillment. We understand that much doctrinal confusion exists concerning t... More

Sin and Sickness Connected at the Hip

Today's science confirms the inerrancy of the beautiful book. The precepts laid down in God's Word thousands of years ago are still the truth. That is in fact the ... More

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