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The Confusion is Enormous

The American College of Pediatricians has given a professional medical verdict: Sex change ideology is child abuse. ACP is an organization of pediatricians and othe... More

Homosexuality: Born That Way—Stay That Way IV—Breaking Satan's Hold

This may offend some people’s idea of Christianity, but God teaches His children perfect hatred. Perfect hatred is to hate the sin but to love the sinner. Homosexua... More

Dragons Swallow Up Evolution

The ramifications of men being actual eyewitnesses to dinosaurs can mean a great deal of things, but one obvious conclusion is that evolutionary scientists have been... More

Speaking To Extraterrestrials

Science is looking for a language with which to speak to extraterrestrials. This should send a shock through the halls of higher learning, although you should expec... More

Twenty-One Signs of Doomsday (Update LI--How the Whole Thing Works, Part 1)

The mother of all wars of all time began in the Garden of Eden and it ends at Armageddon. The weapons of this warfare remain the same. The confrontation began in th... More

Sexual Perversion: An Unclean Spirit

God calls homosexuality an abomination—a sin in the Scriptures so grievous it is punishable by death—a punishment also reserved for deeds such as adultery, bestialit... More

Is Immortality Knocking?

Could something as fantastic as immortality be any more than a fairy tale? Is there some historic trail or scientific knowledge that establishes or points to such a... More

Everlasting Teeth

How could pre-flood man live 500-900 years without wearing out their teeth? Dental hygiene in most areas leads me to wonder. I cannot believe those trying to disprov... More

Confusion of Face

The very first social structures established by God, the man-woman and husband-wife relationship, arebeing dismantled. We are watching the tenants of God’s origina... More

Science and Fat Milk

Isn’t it amazing that every time God makes a directive, man stakes out a position against it? Milk is very highly endorsed by God. Consequently, man has aggressively... More

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