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Harnessing Words, Light, and Health

Last week’s feature demonstrated the supernatural veracity of Holy writ that teaches the amazing interchangeability of words and light. Now today’s science confirms... More

Empowering Words

If God created all that you see with His words, then words should have a dramatic effect on our lives. We are a compilation of words. When scientists began to unde... More

Satan's Champions Have Gone to the Dogs

All humans on the earth today are a product of the four couples on the earth who descended from the Ark when it landed. As you should suspect, the dog population to... More

Homosexuality: Born That Way -- Stay That Way II -- Choices Are Being Made

The Bible is clear in the Old and New Testament: homosexuality is condemned and punishable by death, as are the sins of murder, adultery, witchcraft, and more. God ... More

Some of the Greatest Principles of All Time, Part Three, Harnessing the Supernatural Power of Words

The words you speak over your life, your circumstances, yourself, your spouse, your children, your boss, your job, your family members, etc., dictate outcome. Very ... More

Wisdom, Knowledge, Words Create Matter—Absolutely Shocking, but True!

God created all things utilizing wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. The Bible teaches us that He accomplished this marvelous feat with His Words. God does not d... More

Science and Fat Milk

Isn’t it amazing that every time God makes a directive, man stakes out a position against it? Milk is very highly endorsed by God. Consequently, man has aggressively... More

Living Proof Knocks Atheists on their Ears

What happens when one gives their all to Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory? Is there some measurable result that declares the benefits of such a decision? ... More

Words of Amazement — Words We Must Master

Surely we are literally made of words, and during these times of colossal calamity the words that we speak will dictate all that concerns us. The words that come fr... More

Broken Cisterns and The Future

There is life in outerspace. It’s called Heaven and there are extraterrestrial creators—angels for starters. Man, of course, rejects the Biblical record and hews o... More

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